Sunday, October 16, 2005

Who’s that girl?

So, I woke up yesterday morning (Saturday) and decided I hadn’t had enough changes in my life lately – that I needed one more. So I got my Insider’s Guide for Beijing out and looked up hair salons. Don’t get me wrong – there are salons and nail places on every corner here – but I wanted one where possibly someone spoke a little English. There were four listed so I called the one I thought would be closest.

I was expecting to make an appointment but was asked from the other end if I could be there in 5 minutes. Not a busy day for them I guess. I told them I could be there in an hour as I had no idea where I was actually going. I got dressed, caught a cab and was on my way. I had left my name with the girl on the phone so I was surprised when I got there and they didn’t have me written in the books. Speaking on the phone is much harder with a language barrier so I didn’t worry at first – however they couldn’t find even anything close to my name. About that time we both realized what had happened – being new to Beijing I hadn’t noticed the difference between Guanghuaxili Beilou and Guanghua Beilou. How could I have made that mistake???

Well, no worries. I was at the wrong place but they had time so I decided to stay. And then the questions began – what did I want – who would I like my stylist to be – I had five Chinese stylists and one translator standing above me asking me question after question. It all felt quite overwhelming so I decided to go for the senior stylist (100 kwai more - $12) and told the translator he could do whatever he wanted – cut, color, perm – I don’t care! The translator told the stylist and he turned to me with the stylists response… “really???” yes! Just please get started.

I think I made his day and four hours later, after having no less than two people working on me at a time I left the salon looking quite different than when I had walked in. I’ve never been this blond in my life but when you say to a stylist - do what you want – you can’t complain about the outcome. For two summers in Spain I have craved the fancy layers all the girls have and alas, finally they are mine as well. I have no idea of course what this will actually look like once I have to wash and style it myself but it is fun for now. I’m enjoying the compliments and it is fun walking by a mirror as I first don’t recognize myself. Well, just another day in Beijing.

After that I met my friend Barry for lunch and coffee, went to my friend George’s later to check out his apartment (I want ideas for my own) and then last night a dinner with friends. They went out dancing but I didn’t feel up to it – I’ll catch them next time!

Tonight I have a dinner with the teachers I will attend the British Ball with in two weeks. It is a masquerade so we will be making masks after dinner. I went to a tailor this morning to be sized for a dress – I am having something fancy made to match my new dew! I absolutely love my weekends here when I have time to explore the city and most importantly – some time to myself. I can’t imagine how busy I will be once basketball starts. Our two traveling tournaments have been finalized – one in Shanghai and the other in Kobe, Japan. Definitely something to look forward to after Christmas break!

I will write about my October break soon – until then – I am missin all of you as always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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